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A tender is a form of selling property through advertising media designed to capture the maximum attention of customers within a set time frame. This property sales process is a private and confidential means of buying/selling real estate to determine the true market value of the property at that time.


The benefits of selling by tender are:

  • Selling property by tender produces a result that is both private and confidential.
  • A tender promotion creates a finite timeframe for interested buyers, causing them to act with more urgency.
  • Home owners are not put under unnecessary pressure.
  • Your property gains prominence through high profile marketing over a set period of time.
  • You, as the seller, have a five day irrevocable period in which to decide which offer to accept. Offers cannot be withdrawn while you are utilising this time.


  • A tender allows you, the seller, to be more flexible with your terms and conditions of sale. For example, you choose the possession date.
  • A tender creates potential for a premium price through buyer competition.
  • No price marketing means you are never limited by setting an asking price that is too high or too low.
  • Extensive use of open homes during a planned timetable allows easy access for buyers.
  • As opposed to an auction, you are advantaged by having the option of dealing with conditional buyers as well as unconditional buyers.
  • Weekly market feedback to assist you in establishing the selling range of your property.
  • A tender can be negotiated after it closes, giving you the opportunity to work through any issues and terms you deem unsuitable.

Deadline sale

If the Vendor supplies a LIM Report or Title as a courtesy these documents should be reviewed to satisfy any uncertainty.  While a Vendor may supply information, it does not represent any warranty on their part.  If further clarification is required, you should seek legal advice before submitting an offer.


If you need to sell your own property in order to make a purchase, have it appraised by Property Brokers so that you have an accurate idea of its value.


What price should I offer?

A Deadline Sale gives you the opportunity to inspect the property for sale and time to research and compare other properties currently on the market with similar characteristics.  This way you can get a good indication of what the property is worth.  Further help is available by asking your Property Brokers agent; they will not be able to give you an actual figure but can give reference to other properties of similar value.  You may also choose to employ the services of an independent registered valuer.


Do I have to be a cash buyer?

No, all offers will be considered.  However, if the property owner (also known as the ‘vendor’) has to choose between a conditional offer and one with no conditions, the one with no conditions would give them greater certainty of a confirmed sale.  Feel free to consult with your Property Brokers agent to enable you to prepare a more favourable offer.


I would have paid that!

Sometimes after a Deadline Sale unsuccessful buyers wish they had offered a higher price.  Every offer is confidential so you will not know what other prospective purchasers are offering and it is unlikely that you will have the opportunity to make a second offer.  To avoid disappointment make sure your offer has no or few conditions and is the very most you are prepared to pay.

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